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Pieter Dirksen - Harpsichordist - Musicologist - Organist
Welcome to the website of Pieter Dirksen!

My principal area of performance and research is Baroque music, in particular the keyboard music of Sweelinck, the North German school and J.S. Bach. If you are interested in these topics, I am sure you will find something of interest! Listed are my solo concerts and recordings as well as links to the ensembles, instrument builders, musicians and publishers to which I am affiliated. You can also find a complete and regularly updated lists of publications. For the books, editions and recordings, a list of contents, a short introduction, excerpts from reviews and ordering information is provided. The list of articles includes abstracts; a few of them will be republished online. You can easily trace an item in the Thematic Overview.

Rarely do we witness such outstanding scholarship and performance concentrated in the work of one individual. [Early Music, February 2011]

Bach Restored: Four Concertos and a Partita [June 2024]
Meesterlijke Miniaturen [May 2024]
Froberger's Suites and Tombeaus [December 2023]
Scheidemann's Chorale Fantasias [November 2022]
Cantata 197a reconstructed! [September 2022]
Sweelinck Studies 2002 [March 2022]
Bach in contrary motion [November 2021]
Sweelinck articles [September/October 2021]
Jan Pietersz SWEELINCK - de Orpheus van Amsterdam [August 2021]
François Couperin's Pièces d'Orgue [July 2021]
Bach's Seven Toccatas [May 2021]
Bach's Flute Concertos [November 2020]
2 x 4 Stagioni by Durante and Vivaldi [May 2020]
The Chorale Partita "Ach, was soll ich Sünder machen" BWV 770 [February 2020]
The secrets of Couperin's Fourth Book [November 2019]
Buxtehude & Bach: Neue Perspektiven [September 2019]
Couperins vierde Clavecimbelboek [June 2019]
Towards a Canon of the Keyboard Music of John Bull [May 2019]
The Cambridge Companion to the Harpsichord [January 2019]
Böhm & Bach [September 2018]
Two Froberger Studies [July 2018]
Bach's St. John Passion [March 2018]
Uitvoeringspraktijk bij Froberger [September 2017]
Cantata 188 reconstructed [August 2017]
St. John Passion (reconstruction of the first version of 1724) [March 2017]
Bach's Fantasia and Fuga in G minor [March 2017]
J.S. Bach: Complete Organ Works, Volume 3 [December 2016]
Froberger at 400: recitals, lectures, masterclass [September-October 2016]
Cornet Second Edition [July 2016]
Sweelinck: The Complete Keyboard Works [December 2015]
C.Ph.E. Bach en het clavecimbel [May 2015]
Franz Tunder: Complete Organ Music [March 2015]
Sweelinck Monument completed [September 2014]
Das Wohltemperierte Clavier [May 2014]
Orlando Gibbons's Keyboard Music [March 2014]
A New Recording of Sweelinck's Keyboard Music [December 2013]
A Bach Trio Sonata from the Weimar Period [October 2013]
Scheidemann (and Selle) celebrated in Hamburg [September 2013]
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach's Organ Music [November 2012]
Sweelinck Recitals [September-October 2012]
Leonhardt Symposium [August 2012]
In memoriam Gustav Leonhardt (1928-2012) [January 2012]
Samuel Scheidt's Manuscript Keyboard Music [November 2011]
Vivaldi Bassoon Concerti vol. II [August 2011]
Bach Harpsichord Recitals in May and June [May-June 2011]
Johann Christoph Bach's Keyboard Music [January 2011]
J.S. Bach: Complete Organ Works, Volume 5 [December 2010]
Sweelinck Week [October 2010]
Goldberg Variations CD acclaimed [September-December 2010]
De geheimen van de Matthäus-Passion [March 2010]
Bach's Goldberg Variations [February 2010]
Martin Geck Festschrift [August 2009]
Bach's Sonatas with Viola da Gamba [April 2009]
Lully's Phaeton [January 2009]
Bach's 'Mystery' Violin Concerto [August 2008]
Scheidemanns Clavecimbelmuziek: 'Luister 10' [Mei 2008]
Vivaldi Concerti [April 2008]
Scheidemann's Harpsichord Music [January 2008]
Bach's Leipzig Chorale Fughettas [November 2007]
Art of Fugue CD acclaimed [August 2007]
Lexikon der Orgel [July 2007]
Sweelinck's Fantasias [June 2007]
Buxtehude-Herdenkingsconcerten [Mei 2007]
Scheidemann monograph published [March 2007]
'Sweelinck' in MGG [November 2006]
Louis Couperin CD acclaimed [October 2006]
Two new articles [June 2006]
Two international organ courses [April/May 2006]
Bach-Jahrbuch [February 2006]
Louis Couperin: Pièces d'Orgue, 1650-1659 (CD) [January 2006]
A new edition of Johann Adam Reincken's organ music [November 2005]
Engelen en Duivels in Maastricht [September 2005]
A 'new' organ in Wadenoijen [August 2005]