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Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
Complete Keyboard Works, Volume 2:

Sweelinck Clavierwerke II

edited by Pieter Dirksen

Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel, 2007

223 pages

This is the last part of the new four-volume Sweelinck edition which Harald Vogel and I have been working on for the last couple of years. The edition follows the sources as closely as possible, making a clear editorial differentiation between works preserved principally in staff notation (which was Sweelinck’s notation) and those preserved solely in tablature notation (which was the principal notation of his German pupils). Thus vital information for the player such as brevis bars, irregular beaming and hand division (Lynar A1!) is made accessible for the first time. As a rule, only one primary source is used for each piece, the text of which is amended as little as possible. An extensive preface provides a short biography of Sweelinck, an introduction to his keyboard music, a discussion of the source situation, matters of notation and editioral principles, an overview of the publication history, as well as, for each volume separately, an introduction to the music contained in that particular volume. This large volume also includes as an appendix a study of the types of keyboard instrument envisaged by Sweelinck for his music.

Inhalt / Contents

Einleitung (Zur Biographie Sweelincks – Zur Claviermusik – Qellenlage und Notation – Editionsprinzipien)
Introduction (Sweelinck – The Keyboard Music – Source Situation and Notation – Editioral Principles)
Facsimile [from Lynar A1]
Die Fantasien (Die Ostinato-Fantasien – Die Fantasien "auf die Manier eines Echo" – Die "eigentlichen", monothematischen Fantasien – Anonyma und Incerta)
The Fantasias (The Ostinato Fantasias – The Fantasias "in the Manner of an Echo" – The "Genuine" Monothematic Fantasias – Anonyma and Incerta)

1. In Liniennotation überlieferte Werke / Works preserved in staff notation
1. Fantasia 4 (C2)
2. Fantasia Ut sol fa mi (C4) Bull und Sweelinck [?]
3. Fantasia Crommatica 4 (d1)
4. Fantasia 4 (d2)
5. Fantasia 4: Echo (d3)
6. Fantasia [ 4: Echo] (d4)
7. Fantasia Ut re mi fa sol la 4 (F1)
8. Fantasia 4 (G1)
9. Fantasia [ 2, 3 et 4 vocem] (G2) 10. Fantasia [ 2, 3 et 4 vocem] (G4) als Werk Bulls berliefert
11. Fantasia [Contraria 4] (g1)
12. Fantasia [ 2] (g3)
13. Fantasia 4 (a1)

2. (Ausschließlich) in Tabulatur überlieferte Werke / Works preserved (solely) in tablature notation
14. Fantasia auf die Manier eines Echo (C1)
15. Fantasia [auf die Manier eines Echo] (C3)
16. Fantasia (C5)
17. Fantasia (d5)
18. Fantasia 4 (F2) anonym berliefert
19. Fantasia mit Bindungen (F3)
20. Fantasia (G3)
21. Fantasia [ 3] (g2)
22. Fantasia 2, 3 et 4 vocem (a2) anonym berliefert
23. Fantasia auf die Manier eines Echo (a3)
24. Ricercar del nono tono (a1)

3. Zweifelhafte Werke / Doubtful works
25. Praeludium pedaliter (Variante von Nr. 15)
26. Capriccio a1
27. Ricercar d1
28. Ricercar d2
29. Ricercar d3

Zur Instrumentenfrage / The Instruments
Kritische Bemerkungen

From the Reviews:

"Alles in allem scheint hier eine Edition zu entstehen, die in Bezug auf Sweelincks Werken fr Tasteninstrumente wohl so etwas wie das letzte Wort sprechen wird."
(Gregor Willmes in Fono Forum)

"Schönes, klares Notenbild, kompetente Begleittexte zu den Werken und der Instrumentenfrage, übersichtlicher Kritischer Bericht. In meinen Augen die Nummer eins unter den Sweelinck-Ausgaben."
(Musica Sacra)

Order at: Breitkopf & Härtel ( 65,29)