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The Earliest Version of Bach's St. John Passion
This is an extended and annoted version of the essay accompanying the recording of this version of the St. John Passion (see Recordings)

A Buxtehude Discovery
An extended version of the section from the Introduction to my edition VI Suittes which concerns a newly-discovered harpsichord suite by Dieterich Buxtehude.

Zur Umfang des erhaltenen Orgelwerks von Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
A treatment of authenticity questions, discussing both the fugues and chorales traditionally attributed to him as well as considering some pieces from the wider Bach transmission as possible new attributions (BWV 568, 591, 716, 897/2 and 534).

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck: Catalogue of Works (SwWV)
This is a 'short' version of the new catalogue of works to be included in the Sweelinck Compendium, which will form the concluding volume of the Opera Omnia.

J.S. Bach's Violin Concerto in G Minor
A detailed study of this lesser known concerto, demonstrating that the outer movements deriving from BWV 1056 do indeed belong together, and that the missing middle movement may very well be found in the fragment BWV Anh. 2. A recording of my reconstruction of this concerto has appeared, which includes my compositional take on the slow movement based on the seven-bar fragment: see Bach Restored.

The Background to Bach's Fifth Brandenburg Concerto
This is a reproduction of the article published in The Harpsichord and its Repertoire; it is given here together with a postcript reflecting research from the last decade as well as a polemic on the topic. [IN PREPARATION]