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The ‘Lynar’ Virginal Book
Twelve Pieces by John Bull, Giles and Richard Farnaby,
Orlando Gibbons, Leonhard Woodson and others,
from the Lynar A 1 manuscript

The ‘Lynar’ Virginal BookEdited by Pieter Dirksen

London: Stainer and Bell, 2002 (Early Keyboard Music, vol. 42)
26 pages

This editions comprises a closed section of twelve pieces from the final part of the ‘Sweelinck’ source Lynar A1. They are of English provenance, and include attributions to Bull, Farnaby, Gibbons and Woodson. Circumstantional evidence points in the direction of John Bull (1562/63-1728), the only name represented more than once, as the mediator and original compiler of the collection. If so, it was probably assembled by him in the early 1610s and brought with him to the Southern Netherlands when he settled there in 1613. Here the collection eventually came to Sweelinck, a pupil of which subsequently copied it into Lynar A1. It offers a small but sophisticated collection of dances and dance-song variations, adding as a whole an attractive new dimension to the rich field of virginalist music.



1. Bonni swet Robin (John Bull)
2. Kempes moris (Giles Farnaby)
3. Flet Stret (Richard Farnaby)
4. [The Queen's Command] (Orlando Gibbons)
5. [Courant in D] (Anonymous)
6. [Morisco in D] (Anonymous)
7. O neijbour Robert (Anonymous; John Bull?)
8. Robin (Anonymous; John Bull?)
9. A toij (Anonymous; John Bull?)
10. [Courant in C] (Anonymous)
11. [My Grief] (John Bull)
12. Malle Siemon (Leonhard Woodson)

Editorial and Textual Notes

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